Chiropractic Care for Whiplash Neck Pain in Chicago

Whiplash is an injury that may go undiagnosed for a long time. This kind of injury is inflicted on a person when there is a forceful impact from behind while in a stationary position. Seen in rear impact car accidents, whiplash injures the neck with rampant forward and backward movement of the head and neck. Sudden movements jerk the head uncontrollably and injure portions of the spine and sometimes brain. Some who receive this injury do not even know they have it at first. It might be mistaken for minor soreness of the neck from sudden impact. Real issues may not be displayed till later.

Chiropractic care for personal injury by reason of whiplash puts into practice healing therapy for the bone structures and tissue that is damaged in whiplash injuries. Chiropractors can provide medical information as evidence of a whiplash injury in personal injury litigation if needed. Chronic pain can follow when whiplash injuries go untreated. Crash tests for rear impact collisions with dummies showed that the lower bones in the neck forcibly hyperextend, while the higher bones bend. In severe whiplash cases, this vigorous and sudden force can create an s shape of the cervical spine. Soft tissue can be severely damaged. If the problem is not remedied, Neck Pain in Chicago may be a lifelong struggle.

It was first thought the neck should be immobilized with a cervical collar in early studies of neck injuries. It is now seen exercises that sustain the neck’s range of motion can reverse or diminish symptoms associated with neck injuries. With the approval of a doctor, exercises begin within the first few days of the injury. Most of the exercises involve controlled rotation of the neck in various ways. Neck Pain in Chicago is reduced on a large scale when the range of motion is uninterrupted. Immobilizing the neck decreases blood flow to the tissues makes the neck stiff and initiates abnormal healing of the neck muscles. Physical therapy provides considerable relief. Manual manipulation of the neck maintains muscle strength and decreases pain during neck exercise routines. Click here for more details.

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