Changing Your Advance Motor Oil

Oil is a combination of various base oils and an additive. Its purpose is to ensure the engine of your vehicle operates smoothly and efficiently. Factors such as what type of advance auto motor oil you use, whether it is synthetic or not, your vehicle type and your own attitude will impact upon your car’s performance as well as your decision when or if you change the oil.

Why Change the Oil?

Changing oil is a relatively inexpensive task. You can handle it yourself or give it over to a professional service. Yet, in spite of the simplicity and relatively affordability of an oil change, people often neglect this. They do not see it as a necessity. They do not recognize that by making an oil change part of regular and routine car maintenance, they can prevent more serious car issues down the road. In fact, by spending a small sum now, they will avoid forking over a more substantial amount of money sum in the future.

Yet, some question why there is a need to change the motor oil. They question the necessity of such a banal task. They do not understand why they cannot simply continue to top up advance motor oil and not worry about performance or potential engine failure. They are ignorant of or simply fail to realize the following facts about motor oil and vehicles.

     *     Oil plays many different but related roles in the operation of your car’s engine

     *     After a certain period, the additives wear out. This exposes the engine to various adverse elements that can attack from within including acids and carbons

     *     Buffers are depleted. They are used up in the fight to neutralize sulfur from becoming sulfuric acid

     *     Dispersants in the oil, stick to the various wax, dirt and other gunk, sending it away from the operational components of the engine. They are used up – dwindling in number and, therefore, effectiveness

Chemical changes occur all the time in the oil as you drive. They also happen when the car is not in motion. Every time oxygen and oil interact, it results in some form of chemical breakdown. The nature of the oil alters making it less effective over time.

Changes in temperature also effect the capability of oil to do its work effectively. This can result in condensation occurring in a car- even when it is not running. This can introduce water contamination that may remain if the vehicle remains static or only goes on short drives. Giving this due consideration can lead to only one result: you do need to change your car’s oil regularly.

Advance Auto Motor Oil

If a car had blood, it would consist of oil. The seasons can be hard on motor oil. This is particularly true of freezing cold winters and red-hot summers. It you want your car to run smoothly and consistently, you need to make sure you change the oil regularly. You also need to be certain that the oil you choose, which could be an Advance Auto Motor Oil, is correct for your car’s engine and climate. For more information visit at website. You can also connect with them on Facebook for more news and updates!