Ceiling Lights: Designs and Fixtures

Ceiling light fixtures are commonplace in homes today. Ceiling lights can be used for almost anything and in nearly any room of the house. They are used to accent furniture or a piece of art. They can also be used in a working office in the home and as the main lighting in the bedroom.

Choosing the ceiling light that is best for your house can dictate the design of the layout or can be used to blend in with existing décor. All lighting manufacturers have put a great deal of attention on ceiling lighting, therefore the options for ceiling lighting in Chicago are endless.

Type of Ceiling Lights

The type of ceiling lights depends upon what task you are trying to accomplish with the lights. Can they be used for the main lighting, just ambient lighting, or lighting to focus on a painting or photo.

The most common type of ceiling lighting is the dome light or flush mount. These are excellent for the basic lighting of a small room.

Many sizes of these types of ceiling lights are available and the most common ones have between one and three sockets for bulbs.

The recessed can light is another type. This versatile accent lighting comes with various different lenses and baffles. The most common form is the standard baffle trim that provides ambient lighting for the room.


Chandeliers are another excellent type of ceiling lighting. They are almost always used for general lighting and are very good at spreading the light over large areas. A chandelier often times is used to establish the design theme for a particular room and is often the focal point. Common areas that chandeliers are used are in the dining room, living room, and entryway. Even bathrooms might have mini chandeliers to add some class to an often-neglected area of the home.


Pendants are often an excellent way of creating soft light in a room. The pendants are often used to light a dining nock, kitchen or office.

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