Caring For Satin Fabric

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For many smaller reception halls, community centers, organizations, teams, and groups having your own stock of table linens in a range of different colors is an essential part of decorating and facilities use. For weddings and other special events, the family may also choose to buy satin table linens and then resell, donate, or keep them, which leads to the need to clean and remove stains from satin fabric.

It may be surprising to find out that satin fabric is not as difficult to clean and maintain as many other fabrics. For individuals or groups with satin tablecloths, napkins, runners and chair covers and sashes, cleaning really doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming, particularly with today’s new options in satins.

The New Satin

When used in table linens, the satin fabric used is not the same satin used in the haute couture fashion industry. These satins are usually made from silk and acetate, and they usually require dry cleaning, which is not practical for table linens.

Instead, the satin fabric used for table linens is a 100% polyester weave, which is a very durable and easy to care for fabric. There is the traditional look of satin, which has a rich natural sheen, or the more matte look of Lamour satin, which is also a very popular choice.

Cleaning Basics Lamour satin,

As with any type of polyester, spills and liquids on the surface of the satin fabric used in table linens will typically not absorb into the fabric itself. Often the can simply be dabbed off the surface with a dry cloth, but often at a large gathering this isn’t done immediately, so the stained areas tend to be dry.

While you should always read the label instructions for satin fabric, most tablecloths can be pre-treated with a gentle fabric soap and lukewarm water. With the 100% polyester satin, you may also be able to use specific types of fabric stain removers as recommended by the manufacturer. The tablecloths and napkins can then be placed into a washer on cold with a normal laundry detergent, you can use the delicate cycle or the normal cycle depending on the type of satin and the instructions provided.

Dry carefully on the low heat setting and remove from the dryer immediately to prevent wrinkles. The satin fabric can also be steamed to remove any wrinkles in the fabric, and then folded and stored until the next use.

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