Can You Rebuild a Torque Converter?

When it comes to your automatic transmission, one of the most important components is your torque converter. This is what transfers energy from the engine to the transmission. If this vital component fails, then there will be no energy transfer between the two and the transmission will never engage. New torque converters are expensive and rebuilt units are not much cheaper. So, if you can buy a rebuilt torque converter then can you just rebuild one yourself? Yes, but you will need a few things.

A Parts Supplier

Torque converters are not a component that most at home mechanics attempt to rebuild, so sourcing torque converter parts can be difficult. Often time you will not be able to find them locally, so you will usually have to order them online. Be sure to shop around and find the best deals. Avoid bargain basement specials as these are usually low quality and will lead to premature failure. A little money spent now is a lot of money saved later.

A Transmission Jack or Engine Hoist

Depending on your car you will usually need either a transmission jack or engine hoist to remove the torque converter from the vehicle. In rear wheel drive vehicles this is easy. You simply unbolt the transmission and either pull it or slide it back far enough for the torque converter to clear. In a front wheel drive vehicle, the engine almost always has to be pulled to get to the torque converter. This is because of how front wheel drive vehicles route power sideways instead of redirecting it in the rear of the vehicle.

Any Specialty Tools

The problem with rebuilding components like a torque converter is that many different manufacturers use different designs. This can lead to the need for specialty tools that serve one purpose, and that is it. Find out ahead of time if you need one of these to avoid a costly mistake.