Can you put a new Roof On an old Roof?

Installing new roofing materials over old shingles is a popular cost-cutting measure. While this strategy does offer some advantages, it also involves some potential hazards.

The Ups and Downs of Roofing Over Older Shingles

If done properly, roofing over existing shingles can provide homeowners with some of financial and physical benefits.

For example, by reusing old shingles rather than removing and disposing of them, property owners can save on cleanup costs. Structurally speaking, doubling or tripling the shingle thickness may provide additional leak protection.

On the other hand, homeowners who reuse old shingles may face unforeseen thermal and visual costs. Thick layers of asphalt roof shingle accumulate significant amounts of heat during warm months. This extra heat can contribute to shingle breakdown, and it can also reduce the efficiency of air-conditioning systems. Also, uneven roofing surfaces can make even new shingles look bad.

With so many many conflicting options on the table, it is no wonder that homeowners may not know which way to go. The good news is, they aren’t on their own in this struggle. Professional roofing contractors have the skill and experience to help property owners make appropriate roof-replacement choices.

Guidance From Professional Roofing Contractors can Make a Difference.

Here at Prime Roofing, we are proud to serve homeowners in the greater Jacksonville FL area. We offer our customers the services of our skilled, licensed, and insured roofing specialists.

Our roofing experts can take detailed looks at underlying roof structures to ensure that they are fit for reuse. If not, our specialists can work with homeowners to come up with personalized roof replacement plans.

In addition to replacements, we offer property owners repairs and new roof installations. Plus, at Prime Roofing, we provide customers with quick service, financing, and warranty protection.

If you are a homeowner who lives in the Jacksonville FL area and you need advice about roofing replacement issues, contact us today for a no-obligation inspection and quote.