Breast Surgeon Cosmetic Services in San Antonio

A breast augmentation procedure is a type of plastic or cosmetic surgery carried out by a breast surgeon. San Antonio cosmetic surgeons will usually place patients under general anesthesia in order to insert implants beneath breast tissue that serve to adjust the shape and size the breasts. Patients can usually opt for silicone or saline implants of shapes and sizes.

Reasons for Breast Augmentation

The purpose for having a breast augmentation procedure may include the following:

* Reduce breast size because of associated physical problems

* Restore breast symmetry

* Restore the shape and size of the breast after weight loss, pregnancy, or breast-feeding

* Enhance the size of breasts that are small

* Restore one or both breasts in the aftermath of surgery

Surgery Expectations

Breast augmentation is definitely a form of surgery. Therefore, it is vital that patients understand all aspects of the surgery, including benefits and risks before moving forward.

Before surgery takes place, the breast surgeon should help patient find the right size for her implant. This can be done by placing different sized implants in a bra to simulate how the implants feel. Implants can be placed under or over the pectoral muscle.

The Recovery Process

The swelling that results from the procedure should subside within about two weeks. As well, the lines that form from the incisions will also gradually disappear.

The patient is usually given painkillers to keep the pain as low as possible after the general anesthetic wears off. It is important for the patient to have someone drive them home after the procedure due to the fact that the effective general anesthesia will still likely remain. Absorbable or dissolvable sutures will take about six weeks to disappear.

Patients should seek medical attention immediately if they experience symptoms such as fever, warmth, redness, chest pains, unnatural beating of the heart, or shortness of breath. It’s important to keep physical activity to a minimum and avoid demanding physical activities for about six weeks after the surgery.

The breast surgeon may offer advice to his or her patients on what types of physical exercises to engage in as well as the type of bra to wear in order to minimize any pain and discomfort. For more details on Cosmetic Services in San Antonio visit our website.