Brass Belt Buckles – Simple Maintenance Tips

Belt buckles are common fashion accessories used by both men and women. Fashion designers have created buckles for decades in order to “spice up” one’s look. These buckles are made from a variety of different materials, including brass or silver. The reason brass is such a popular choice is pretty obvious: it is rather cheap and sturdy. Like any other type of metal, different types of brass exist. High-quality brass is more elegant and attractive while cheaper quality brass loses its shine very quickly.

Needless to say, brass might not be such a great choice for people who prefer wearing gold or silver jewelry. However, if you want something that’s affordable and looks good, brass might be a good option. One major reason you should consider buying brass belt buckles is because they are very easy to maintain: you don’t have to use special shiners or polishes in order to clean them.

With the passage of time, brass begins to lose its polish. Originally, brass resembles gold. However, if you don’t polish it for a long while, it will start turning black due to the deposition of dirt and grime on the surface. It’s very easy for brass metal to get tarnished. Since the metal looks so attractive because of its shiny surface, you will need to get it polished from a professional expert. However, rather than paying over the top for an expert, here are a few ways you can make your brass belt buckles look as good as new:

Use Ketchup
Many studies have shown that using ketchup on the buckles is an excellent way to polish them. Simply take a bottle of ketchup and squirt a bit of it onto the brass metal. You can then use your own fingers or a toothbrush to rub the substance onto the buckle. You can then rub it off after a while, using a damp cloth to remove all the excess ketchup off the buckle. You will see an improved visible difference in the buckle’s appearance.

Using Detergent
Another great way to clean brass belt buckles is to use detergent. When using detergent, make sure to dilute it with water. It is unwise to apply the Detergent directly onto the buckle itself because several other materials used in the buckles, like enamel inlays, can get stained. It is relatively difficult for people to get the detergent powder out of the buckles. Therefore, you might have to leave the belt buckle in the water for an extended period of time.