Boat Dock in Charlotte County, FL: Why Build One on Your Property

When it comes to building a boat dock in Charlotte County, FL, you may wonder why you need one on your private property. There may be a public dock you can use, so it might make sense to save money. However, you’ll find many reasons to own a private dock.

Convenient Access

If you own your own dock, you can access it anytime you desire. Plus, you aren’t required to wait for others to load and unload; you’re the only one there. Often, it’s much easier to walk down to the dock than it is to drive to a public one. Therefore, it also saves time.

No Fees

Many public boat docks charge you a slip fee, which is where the boat will be moored or berthed. You will have to pay that fee to embark and disembark from the vessel. Often, these docks also offer storage so that you don’t have transport it to and from the dock each time. However, this also costs more money.

Instead, you can build your own dock and save money in the long-term. You’ll still have to pay for the materials and installation, but that is it. With a public dock, you’ll always be paying fees to use it.

More Security

Since your boat will be on your property and can be accessed from your private dock, it can be more secure. You may choose to add alarm systems and motion lighting to protect your investments. However, it’s unlikely that people will venture onto private property to vandalize or steal your vessel.That means you might feel a little more relaxed knowing that the boat is nearby.

If you’d like to consider building a boat dock in Charlotte County, FL, now is the time. Visit Shoreline Lumber Inc today to learn more about us.