Bird’s Eye-View of WC Workers Compensation in Houston

The WC Workers Compensation Insurance allows you to get compensation for any job-related illness or injury while performing work-related duties. If you as an employee were to incur any injuries slight or severe, you have the right to be compensated for it.

Points to Note

1. It does not matter who causes the illness or injury, the state mandates that the employee be compensated for it.

2. This law safeguards both the employee and the employer. In most cases, since this benefit exists, the employee cannot sue the employer in court for the injuries caused. In fact, employers who are not required by law to register for WC, opt to do so only to avoid the lawsuits that may come up if the coverage does not exist.

3. Is Your Employer Registered?

You will not be eligible to get workers compensation if your employer chose not to go with the insurance or is not obliged by the law to do so. Moreover, if the nature of the work is related to charity, there is a good chance your employer is not required to get WC coverage.

4. Are You Really an Employee?

You have to be an employee of the company and/or have an employer. If you are a volunteer, work as domestic help, work on a farm or you are a freelancer, or independent consultant, you will not get this benefit. If you do not work on a constant basis or work occasionally or seasonally, you will not be covered. However, under special cases like being a volunteer in a fire fighting squad can get you the benefits of this coverage.

5. Is Work the Real Cause?

You must be able to prove that the illness or injury is caused due to the work you do. Certain jobs have occupational hazards associated with them. These hazards can be related to safety or health and can eventually cause injuries to the physical and mental capacities of the employee. Some common examples of work-related hazards and injuries are carpal tunnel syndrome caused due to constant typing at work and back injuries incurred while moving loads or exposure to chemicals in the workplace.

WC in Houston Decrypted

Every state has its own law, and it is important to know the prevailing WC Workers Compensation Law in your state. WC Workers Compensation in Houston works in a way where the government is completely oriented towards ensuring adequate compensation for employee’s medical needs, as well as employee retention after the illness or injury. In Houston the government covers the undocumented workers as well. WC Workers Compensation laws in Houston protect employees from any unfair practices by the employer after the employee has taken up the claims. Employers may resort to sudden termination of employment or make conditions difficult for the employee to work in; in such cases employees can seek legal advice. The law in Texas requires the employee to first report the injury to the employer who then hands over the claims form that you need to fill out and give you an approved list of doctors to whom you can reach out. You may seek assistance to fill out the forms so you don’t face problems in future as a result of incomplete information. While working in Houston it is important for you to be educated about the benefits that you can avail yourself of as an employee. The most obvious one is medical assistance and a list of doctors approved by the insurance company for payment of the bills. You will also be compensated for the income that you may miss during the recovery period. In unfortunate cases where the injury is serious and leads to death of an employee, the near and dear ones are entitled to some percentage of the employee’s salary. Funeral expenses for employees killed during work are also mandatory in Houston.

There may be cases where the employee’s claims are not accepted or the entire medical bill is not paid. It is best to get a legal opinion in such cases so that the lawyer can work toward your best interests. Incidents where an injury happens when the employee is on a lunch break or when you are on a team outing need further scrutiny and there are issues where legal advice and help becomes absolutely necessary.