Best Ways to Use Fake Snow

Some individuals want to enjoy the flurries of winter all year long, but the weather doesn’t always permit that. To bring the snow to you, artificial snow and a fake snow machines are needed. They simulate the look of real snow falling around you. A snow machine can benefit multiple situations, especially when you begin craving flurries and December weather.

Theater Production

Since snow doesn’t fall indoors, creating the look of a snowy scene during a play requires the help of a fake snow machine. Artificial snow that is made from 99% water is safe for stage use. It evaporates shortly after falling.

Winter Decorations

When you want to liven up your nativity scene or Christmas decorations, a snow machine helps to bring life to the setting. If you want to make it snow outside, no matter if it’s a cold day or a summer day you can easily create artificial snow!


While strobe lights and streamers are classic party staples, your party could be even more unique with the use of snow machine. Just set it up in a corner, change the setting to the amount of snow you want, then distribute. The best part is there no cleanup necessary.

Choosing the Right Machine

To figure out what kind of machine you need for your event, you should consider several factors. Outdoor and indoor machines have two different uses. If your goal is to slowly accumulate snow outdoors, you need to choose an industrial snow machine that is capable make snow with just water. These are typically expensive and used by ski resorts. Consumer machines are for indoor ambiance and do not accumulate snow. Either way, depending on your event, it will help to give authenticity and excitement to your winter-themed festivities.

SnoWonder originally brought artificial snow and fake snow machines to the US consumer. Their snow can be used just about anywhere, and it is biodegradable and nontoxic. If you want more information on fake snow machines then check out Snowonder.