Benefits of Maintenance on a System for HVAC in San Marcos

Prior to the start of winter, it can be a good time to have the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, or HVAC in San Marcos inspected. This should be done after the hot months of summer have passed but before the heater is needed. By selecting this time for maintenance, a homeowner can have the unit cleaned of dirt collected during its operation in summer and prepare it for the upcoming cold season.

Cleaning is generally the first task a technician will need to perform. Most units can become very dirty over the course of a summer season, and this dirt can cause the unit to become strained during operation. If too much dirt is present, various components will need to work harder and this can decrease their lifespan. In addition, added power is needed to run the unit. This often results in higher utility costs. By cleaning components like the blower, this can be avoided.

Blower units are used for both heating and air conditioning. This means it is one of the most frequently used components of systems for HVAC in San Marcos. It will need to be examined to make sure the motor that operates the fan is in good shape and does not require oil. Many motors have sealed bearings, but some may still have ports requiring oil to be added to keep the unit from burning out. Wiring and connections on the unit need to be inspected to ensure they are not damaged and operating safely.

The coils and fins on the condenser/compressor unit should also be inspected and cleaned, as this is important in keeping the air flowing through the unit properly. This unit is generally outside, and it should be covered to prevent debris from collecting in the unit over the winter season.

It is also a good idea to check the thermostat to ensure it is recording the temperature correctly. A technician can do this by using a secondary temperature gauge to determine the temperature in the home. If the thermostat matches, it does not require any further work. If it does not, the technician will need to calibrate the thermostat to correct the temperature setting. This is important, as the thermostat is the determining factor in when the unit goes on or switches off.

Keeping an HVAC system in good repair is important in both summer and winter. For more information, please visit domain URL or their Facebook page.