Benefits of Intercom Systems for Homes and Businesses

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Safety Equipment Supplies

When most of us think of intercom systems, we think of homeroom announcements or a store employee paging a lost parent in a busy department store. It’s time to expand your way of thinking, however, because intercoms can be beneficial and convenient in many different businesses, as well as in the home!

For Businesses

Intercoms can benefit businesses in many ways, including:’

  • Added efficiency – Your employees waste time, and, therefore, money, getting up to open the door and checking out the window to see who is there. An excellent surveillance system means that all of this can be handled with the click of a button. With intercoms placed at business entrances, personnel can easily identify who is requesting access and then simply buzz visitors in using a door release system. Intercoms also allow you to speak with a visitor to see whom they’re requesting a meeting with, so you can contact the correct employee and get a business started efficiently.
  • Savings – You won’t have to employ a receptionist throughout all your business hours if you invest in advanced intercom systems. Illinois businesses can increase their efficiency by treating the intercom as a virtual secretary and telling guests where to go once buzzed in.

For Homes

Many of these benefits also extend to personal homes and residential areas. These benefits include:

  • Surveillance – For many of us, having a security system in place is enough to make us feel better. But with advanced intercom setups, audio and video recordings allow for documentation of any guests that may make you uneasy.
  • Babysitting – Don’t worry. We’re not suggesting you use technology to watch your child! However, intercoms can make child care a little easier. Use the intercom features to listen in on your baby as he or she sleeps. Or, you can even talk to them and sooth them at night without having to get up and leave your bed.
  • Organization – If you have a big house, intercoms can be helpful just to get the word out! Use this feature to call your kids down to dinner and let people know when their guests have arrived.

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