Benefits Of Hiring Professional Movers in Orange County CA

Pianos can be very expensive and very heavy. If a person is moving to a new home, they need to move the piano. If they buy a used piano from its original owner, they would need to get their piano to their home. While moving the piano themselves may seem like the most convenient, cost effective way to go, it really isn’t. They should consider hiring Movers Orange County CA. Hiring a mover has its benefits.

Protects the Piano

Pianos can weigh anywhere between 500 ad 1,200 pounds, making them very difficult to move. If the owner of the piano does not know how to move such a large, heavy object, or the correct tools to use, they can cause damage to the piano. They can scrape it on a wall scratching the piano or damaging the wall. They can also drop the piano, causing serious damage to it.

Protect Yourself

When a person who is not a professional mover moves a piano, they risk serious injury. If the proper lifting technique is not used, it can cause back and knee injuries. If the person slips and falls while moving a piano, and it lands on them, it can cause serious injuries, even death. The best way for a person to protect themselves is to hire a professional mover.


If a person tries to move their piano themselves, and something happens, they would be responsible for paying for the damage out of their own pocket. This can be very expensive. If something happens when a Movers Orange County CA move the piano, the company’s insurance would cover the cost of the damage.

Proper Tools and Equipment

When moving a piano, it is necessary to have the proper tools and equipment. Without the necessary equipment, the job can be much more difficult If the piano being moved is a grand piano, it can be impossible to move without the necessary equipment. When a person hires a professional mover, they can be sure that the mover will have the necessary equipment to make the move safely and quickly.

Pianos are one of the most difficult things to move in a home. The professionals at All Century Moving have the knowledge, experience, and the equipment necessary to make the move a safe one.

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