Benefits Of Gutter Installation In Puyallup Wa

Gutters are one of the most important structures that a homeowner can add to their roof. There are some homeowners who choose not to install gutters due to the regular maintenance that they require. This is a mistake. There are several benefits of Gutter Installation in Puyallup Wa that the homeowner should take into consideration.

Gutters Protect the Foundation of the Home

The gutters can protect the home’s foundation. Without gutters, rainwater would accumulate along the foundation, which can create fissures and cracks. This can result in water leaking into the basements and huge repair bills. Not only would the foundation need to be repaired, the items in the basement would need to be replaced after a flood. If the homeowner installs gutters, the rainwater will be directed elsewhere, saving the foundation.

Gutters Protect the Landscaping

The area around most homes is often reserved for flowers, shrubs, and mulch. This can improve the appearance of the home. If the homeowner chooses not to install gutters on their roof, the rainwater will pour down onto the landscape below. If the area becomes flooded, it can result in trenches in the earth, which can kill the flowers and the shrubs.

Gutters Keep the Exterior Siding Clean

If gutters are not installed on the roof, the rain will drip down the siding of the house. If winds pick up and dirt and debris blow around, it will stick to the house easily, making it look dirty. If the homeowner has wood or cedar shingles on their home, the rainwater can decay the wood. Gutters will keep the rain off the siding, keeping it safe and clean.

Gutters Prevent Runoff and Icicles

If gutters are not installed and there is a rainstorm, the homeowner could easily get soaked when they walk out the door. During the cold weather, icicles can form over the doors, which can be very dangerous if one were to fall on someone below. When the homeowner installs gutters, they will remain dry and safe.

When a homeowner installs gutters on their home, they would need to be cleaned regularly. Considering all of the issues that can occur when a homeowner doesn’t install gutters, the regular maintenance will be well worth the trouble.