Benefits Of Cremation In Harrison OH

If a person passes away and didn’t leave any instructions for their loved ones, the family would need to make the necessary decisions themselves. One of the first decisions that need to be made is if the family is going to have the loved one buried or cremated. Of the two options, Cremation in Harrison OH has more benefits.

Cremation Is Less Expensive

If the cost of the final arrangements is an issue for the family, they should consider cremation. When a person is cremated, the family won’t need to purchase a casket. Since caskets can cost up to $10,000, this will save the family a great deal of money. The family would simply need to purchase an urn to hold their loved one’s remains, which can cost under $200. If the family isn’t having their loved one buried, they wouldn’t need to spend as much money on the burial plot since they would only need a small space to bury the ashes. If the family is planning to scatter their loved one’s ashes, they wouldn’t need to purchase a burial plot or a headstone.

Shorter Wait For the Funeral

If the family is planning to have their loved one buried, it can take three to five days before the body will be ready for burial. If the family chooses to have their loved one cremated, they can plan the memorial service a day or two after the loved one passes away. Since the memorial service is a chance to say goodbye and for the family to get some closure, most people want to have the memorial service as quickly as possible. This is one of the major benefits of cremation.

More Options

When a person has their loved one buried, the only choice is the cemetery where the person would be buried. If they choose to have their loved one cremated, they have more options. The family can have the person’s ashes buried in a cemetery or keep the ashes in an urn in the home. If the person was spiritual or had a favorite place, the family can choose to scatter the ashes. Cremation gives the family more options than burial does.

When it comes to burial or Cremation in Harrison OH, the least expensive and most convenient option is cremation. Also, it gives the family a chance to choose what to do with their loved one’s remains.