Benefits of BOTOX Injections Given by Doctors in Los Gatos Offices

After trying medications and other treatments for medical conditions that you might have, consider the benefits of BOTOX. This is a substance that is injected just under the skin in areas of your body to provide relief from pain to muscle spasms that generate unsightly wrinkles of overlying skin. The following are only a few of the benefits that you can expect when you have BOTOX in Los Gatos offices.

Wrinkles of upper face

Three sets of muscles can be treated in upper face. Frontal horizontal lines and frown lines between the eyebrows, and Crow’s feet lines outside eyelids. These muscles can be completely or partially paralyzed which results in diminishing or disappearance of wrinkles of overlying skin in these three areas.


A benefit of BOTOX from Los Gatos doctors is that it can help with excessive sweating. The injections are usually made in the armpit and palm areas if this is something that you dislike and suffer from. Injection of BOTOX in these areas results in less sweat production locally. Although you might need to get the injections every few months for this issue, it can be beneficial if you are self-conscious about excessive sweating.


If you experience migraines, then you know that the pain associated with them can sometimes be unbearable. BOTOX in many cases, can relieve the pain from these headaches and can often help with the other symptoms as well including nausea and sensitivity to bright lights. Even though you could have migraines in the future, BOTOX can help you deal with the symptoms so that you can function each day. Injections for Migraines is repeated once every few months.

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