Basic Steps For Termite Control In Overland Park MO

Termites are small pests that often burrow in damp wood. They can destroy the structure of a home or business and will rapidly multiply, making it difficult to eliminate them completely. If termites are spotted in cracks in wooden beams that were used to construct a set of steps, the following steps for termite control in Overland Park MO can be completed to destroy them and prevent termites from becoming a nuisance again.


1. portable heater

2. orange oil

3. wood cleaning agent

4. bucket of warm water

5. sponge

6. towels

7. boric acid granules

8. broom

9. dustpan

10. vacuum cleaner (with hose attachment)

11. wood sealer

12. paint tray

13. paint roller and handle

14. roller frame

Drying And Cleaning Wood

Before treating termites, wood needs to be dry and clean. If the wood has been exposed to moist conditions for a while, a portable heater can be placed in front of the affected area. Heat will also assist with killing some of the termites. A small amount of orange oil and a wood cleaning agent need to be poured into a bucket of warm water. The contents in a bucket should be stirred for a couple minutes to blend them. A sponge can be used to apply a cleaning agent to wooden surfaces. After rinsing wooden surfaces, a towel can be used to dry damp wood or a heater can be placed in front of wood again.

Applying Boric Acid Granules And Sealing Wood

Boric acid granules need to be sprinkled in cracks where termites were spotted. When termites walk through granules, they will be injured and will die within a couple days. If pests ingest granules, the insides of their bodies will be injured. After termites have been eliminated, steps need to be swept off. If granules are stuck inside of cracks, a vacuum cleaner hose can be used to suck them up. A paint roller that is secured to a handle can be used to apply a thin, clear coat of wood sealer to wood. After wood has dried, the second coat of sealer should be added. Wood sealer will prevent termites from entering cracks and will provide wood with a glossy appearance.

If an individual requires assistance with termite control in Overland Park MO, they can contact a pest control company directly.