Basic Info about the Bail Bonds Process in Tarrant County, Texas

You probably know that understanding laws is quite difficult. That’s why attorneys often spend seven years in higher education before becoming legally eligible to practice. The legal process is quite rigorous, seeing as it’s established by dozens of laws, and so is the bail bonds process in Tarrant County.

Arrest Is First Up

To end up in jail, you must be arrested. This roots from traffic stop, DUI checkpoints, warrants, and more. Either way, you’ll only end up in jail here in Texas if you’re first arrested and given criminal charges.

Then It’s Time for Incarceration

You’ll be fingerprinted, asked personal questions, photographed, and otherwise processed as part of a booking. Usually, defendants are placed in holding cells before being assigned to dorms, pods, or blocks – different types of housing units.

Arraignment Follows

Some places set bail using basic formulas based on criminal charges and nothing else. Most jurisdictions have judges manually, subjectively set based on various factors. Within a few days, at most, of being incarcerated, you’ll be arraigned. This is simply a formal engagement in which you’re informed of your charges and granted bail – if you’re lucky enough to get bail.

After Arraignment Comes Bail Bonding Opportunity

Once you’ve been given bail, you can post bail at any time. Bail is only possible following arraignment. Remember that not all defendants are awarded bail.

We Understand How Bail Bonds Work

We at Vaughn’s Cowtown Bail Bonds understand how the bail bonds process in Tarrant County, Texas, works;

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