Basic Disability Statistics

If you have recently developed a disability, whether through an accident or an illness, you should know that you are not alone. Millions of people every year receive disability benefits. It is estimated that some 1-in-5 Americans, about 56 million people, lives with a disability. Social security disability benefits provide a much needed source of income to those suffering from a disability. Setting about obtaining those benefits can be a daunting task for you and your loved ones. James Mitchell Brown, attorney at law, has been working since 1973 to help bring justice to those who have had accident or illness derail their lives.

As of 2014, 62.4 million Americans received some sort of disability benefit from the Social Security Administration. And every year, millions more Americans are awarded social security disability benefits. With disability benefits, every 18 months to 7 years, depending on your condition, you will need to undergo a reevaluation screening. As long as it is determined that you have an ongoing disability, labelled as a  Medical Improvement Not Expected, you will continue to receive benefits. There is no expiration date for your benefits either. If you have ever received other forms of aid, such as grants or scholarships, you will know that after a certain amount of time, or a certain number of college credits is achieved, you will be cut off from those benefits. With social security, your benefits will continue for as long as you need them. Should you continue to need them for the rest of your life, when you reach the age of retirement, they will simply convert from just Social Security Disability Benefits, to Retirement Benefits.

It is not just retiree-age individuals who receive benefits. The average age of social security benefits as of 2014 was 53 years old, while the average age of retirees is 73. As explained previously, you can most certainly receive benefits once you retire, but many who need to apply for disability benefits must do so before they reach the age of retirement. In fact, people of any age are eligible to receive benefits; they just need to present their case to the Social Security Administration. It is most helpful to do that through an attorney, someone to help you organize and track everything which you will need. It can take anywhere from 30 days to 5 months or so, to receive word on benefits approval from the Social Security Administration. Having to live with a disability, particularly if it’s a new development can be stressful enough without adding all of the extra red tape that goes with securing your benefits. So do yourself a favor and have someone else do your paperwork for you.