Avoid Roof Repair in Gig Harbor Using a Long-Lasting Roofing Product

Nature can do some incredible damage whenever a storm passes through, and some of that damage will be focused on the roof. This doesn’t mean that the structure of the roof is poorly designed. In fact, the angles, slopes, and valleys are designed to shed water as quickly and efficiently as possible. The problem arises when wind or debris hits the roof and destroys weaker materials such as asphalt shingles. High wind can also damage small roofing shingles such as wood shakes. Roof Repair in Gig Harbor can help by using the most storm-resistant roofing materials possible.

There are several types of storm-resistant roofing products, and each has pros and cons. The first is metal roofing. Modern metal roofing uses stamped steel as the basis for its strength and design. This particular product is galvanized with zinc or zinc/aluminum to prevent corrosion. To avoid some demolition, it is possible to install some types of steel roofing over an existing asphalt-covered roof. It is suggested that this step is done before the original roof fails so it can function as a secondary water barrier.

The next possibility for Roof Repair in Gig Harbor is fiber-cement tiles. This product is often used to replace flat ceramic tiles, but it can also be an alternative for other products. Fiber-cement provides a unique look, and the product is generally warranted for at least thirty years. One possible downside to this material is installation time. The tiles need to be installed properly to avoid damage and future leaks.

Research and recycling have worked together to create better options for roofing. For example, recycling old tires into slate-style shingles that create a perfect, historical look is now common. Sometimes, these roofing products are known as composites because they use a variety of items. Everyone wins when recycled roofing is used in lieu of other options. Not only does the building get a very strong, resilient roof, but the rubber from old tires get a chance to be useful again.

There is another type of roofing material also known as a composite roof. This particular product is an asphalt shingle made in multiple layers, typically two or three. Composite shingles were originally designed to simulate a slate roof at an affordable price. The shingles used irregular angles on the edges to provide unique shadows and depth.