Asphalt Roofing in Roswell – The Importance of Color

Does your lovely Roswell home need a new roof? If so, this is the perfect time to change colors, and modern asphalt shingles contain some of the most durable materials available. Also, your color choice is very important because it can change the way your house looks and how your asphalt roofing performs over the years. Here is more information on the subject.

Is Color Really That Important?

Modern asphalt shingle manufacturers take great care with their color designs. In fact, they have color professionals who study different color blends. To color asphalt shingles, you don’t simply add dyes to a batch of raw materials (as with many products today).

Asphalt shingles contain many multi-colored granules, which can create a range of colors, patterns, and styles. Each granule comes from clay silicate and igneous rock, coated with a ceramic finish to seal in the colors and protect the shingles. By knowing how to blend the granules, manufacturers can create many patterns and colors.

Color Trends

According to the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, people are choosing asphalt roofing in cities like Roswell, to match their home’s exterior. Many homes today use deep rich colors, so it’s best to go with something neutral, so it doesn’t take away from the home exterior color. Darker shingle colors that match brown, blue, and green are popular these days.

Choosing Your Colors

What roofing colors are popular and common in your Roswell neighborhood? Choose something that matches, so your home blends in. Your roofing contractor is there to show you all the available colors and styles for your home. The best contractors come to your house and talk to you about all the available options. They’ll give you a written estimate for the work and an excellent warranty on materials and workmanship.