Arlington VA Homeowners: 3 Reasons to Control Moisture in Your Home

Indoor humidity has several health benefits, but you should carefully monitor how much moisture is inside your home. Here are three reasons to control moisture indoors.

High Humidity Creates an Ideal Environment for Mold

Mold is a pesky problem for homeowners. The spores find dark, moist places to settle in and reproduce. Within no time, your house is overtaken by mold that breaks down building materials and threatens the health of your family. Controlling humidity levels indoors ensures that mold cannot spread throughout your home.

Reduced Air Quality

Higher humidity levels may reduce air flow in your home and burden your HVAC system that circulates clean outdoor air into your living spaces. When air is trapped indoors, it is saturated with odors, bacteria, viruses and other allergens. Indoor

moisture control in Arlington, VA, home ensures that the air inside your home is purified and recycled.

Damage to Your Home and Electronics

When homeowners think about water damage, they typically watch for leaking faucets and broken pipes. High humidity levels, though, can lead to water damage. Poor indoor moisture control in Arlington, VA, homes allows water to condense over time and soak into fabrics, wood, walls, electronics and other surfaces.

Learn More About Moisture Control for Your Home

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