Are You Looking for Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Get a Great Alarm

Fire safety is something that everyone is taught from a young age. As children, we learn in school about the importance of staying safe around fires. Aside from learning about fire safety in school, as adults, we should take care to carry on what we’ve learned in the past about this topic in our everyday lives. Not only should we practice fire safety precautions ourselves, but we should make our family members and children aware of these precautions as well. Here are a few things you can teach your family about fire safety.

Teach Them the Basics of Alarms

Help your family learn where the fire alarms in your home are, as well as what to do if they hear them go off. It also helps if they know the specific kind of fire detector and its specialty. For example, fire and carbon monoxide detectors sound similar, but their functions are a bit different from each other. Informing your family of these important details can help save a life down the line.

How to React with a Fire

If there is ever a fire in your home, your family needs to be aware of how to safely react. Inform them to stay low on the ground to avoid inhaling the smoke in the air, as well as use the backs of their hands to check if a doorknob is hot instead of their palms. In case of anyone’s clothes getting caught in the fire, the go-to method of putting it out in a pinch is to ‘stop, drop, and roll’. It’s best to practice these actions frequently before any real danger to make sure everyone understands what to do. Your family should know that as soon as they hear the fire alarm, it’s go time.

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