Are You a Tennis Player If You Wear a Diamond Tennis Bracelet?

As you consider which type and style of bracelet you may choose for yourself or as a gift you will come across a description of tennis bracelets. The link to tennis is not obvious but what will become clear is that an exceptional diamond tennis bracelet is an object of dazzling beauty.

Did Chris Evert Begin the Trend?

Where you are too young to remember tennis from the 1970s, if you are a genuine supporter of the sport you will have heard of one of the leading female players of that era, Chris Evert, perhaps through her relationship with Jimmy Connors, the man who dominated tennis during the same period.
What happened during a match during the U.S. Open virtually created the term we now know as the diamond tennis bracelet.

She played, as she always did, progressively and with a passion to win and during an exciting and fierce match her diamond bracelet broke, falling off her wrist and spilling diamonds over the tennis court.

Chris Evert requested that the officials stopped the match in progress until all her diamond bracelet parts could be found.

The jeweler that made the diamond bracelet became extremely popular as he had created a wonderful bracelet, handmade with a line of diamonds within a secure clasp. This is why they became known as the tennis bracelet.

Today’s modern tennis players still wear diamond tennis bracelets when they play on the court, from various designers. The modern tennis bracelet is far stronger than the earlier versions and is less likely to break during a game.

Applicable for all walks of life, the bracelets are not too tight or too loose. They do not pinch the skin or get caught where they may snag on other items.

The best jewelers will carefully measure your wrist to ensure that the tennis bracelets fit perfectly. The choice of design is up to you.