Are There Any Real Differences Between Air Conditioning Systems in Toledo, OH?

The time is fast approaching for replacing the home heating and cooling system. Since the homeowner does not have any experience with this type of task, it makes sense to get advice from a professional. One of the first things that the client will learn is that not all air conditioning systems in Toledo OH are alike. Armed with that information, it will be easier to decide what sort of system is needed to replace the current one.

System Stages

Most Air Conditioning Systems in Toledo OH are designed as single or multi-stage units. Units with a single stage design are manufactured to deal with the coldest and hottest days of the year. That means they may run more than needed to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. Multiple stage units are designed to keep the home at a constant temperature no matter what is happening. Some of them are designed to switch between heating and cooling settings if the need arises. For people who want to set the temperature and forget about it, the latter type of unit is the best approach.

Energy Ratings

Some units will consume more energy than others. Part of that has to do with the square footage that needs to be cooled, but the design of the unit will also have some impact. The best approach is to focus on units that are large enough to do the job and also come with the most favorable energy ratings. That combination will ensure the home is kept at a comfortable temperature, but there is less consumption of energy in the process. The result will be a lower utility bill each month.

Range of Features

There are basic air conditioning units that come with nothing more than the most common features. Others will include features that make it easy to incorporate the unit into the home network. That means being able to control the temperature settings by using the Internet to access the home network. For people who travel a great deal and like the idea of adjusting the temperature settings an hour or so before they get home, a unit with more features is a must.

For help with selecting a new unit, contact A-1 Heating & Improvement Co today. A contractor can go over the options with the client and make sure the right unit is chosen.