An Emergency Dentist Can Save Teeth, Options in Chicago

There are some dental situations that must be taken care of immediately. These often fall outside of normal business hours. Injuries are a common problem when it comes to after-hours dental emergencies. Kids playing sports often hurt themselves on weekend or evening games. Sometimes a recent procedure may need some immediate attention, as well. An emergency dentist is a great asset to the dental community. When you need urgent dental care in Chicago, help is available.

Tooth Loss

Sports enthusiasts usually take preventative measures when it comes to protecting the face. Kids, especially are expected to wear extensive protective gear. Accidents still happen, however. Even falls in your own home can result in a chipped or lost tooth. Time is of the essence when a tooth needs to be saved. Many dentists can put the tooth back into place if the issue is addressed in a certain amount of time. Baby teeth are usually not considered a great loss. However permanent teeth are serious. The dentist makes every effort to return the tooth to its original position. They may also stabilize the injured area until a further assessment or, a cosmetic procedure can be done.


Emergency dentists also deal with patients that have recently had dental work done. Tooth extractions and other procedures must be maintained properly after patients go home. Patients must call immediately if they notice abnormal swelling, fever, or increased pain. These are the signs of an infection and should be able to call for a visit at any hour of the day. Prompt care can keep infection under control and keep the patient healthy. A good doctor in Chicago is ready to respond at all times.

Risks should not be taken when it comes to emergency issues. Dental care is available 24 hours a day, specifically for this reason. Things happen at all times of the day. A good dentist is prepared.