An Elegant Choice: Wood Wall Covering

by | Dec 16, 2014 | Business

The elegant and classical touch that wooden wall coverings bestow upon spaces cannot be matched by any other paint. These elegant coverings are made from veneers of hundreds of different types of wood. The trees that comprise these veneers belong to different kinds of species, some of them domestic, some are exotic, and some even come from bamboo. There are many reasons to choose a wood wall covering over paint, one of them being easier maintenance. They last much longer than other surfaces, as well, if taken care of properly.

Wood wall coverings, however, have a definite set of pros and cons.

The Bright Side

  • One time investment: A wood wall covering can last from fifteen years to a lifetime, provided the environmental conditions are not too harsh and they receive adequate attention from a caretaker. Therefore, good maintenance will save the owner considerable amounts in the long-term. Some wall coverings even come with a lifetime guarantee. Other options, such as paint, demand frequent repairs or changes, which can burden the owner financially.
  • Aesthetic Value: Use of wood wall covering has been long synonymous with rich elegance. More expensive options will help showcase the natural beauty of wood even better. The surface remains pleasant and smooth over an extended period of time.
  • Flaw concealment: Some heavy flaws such as stains and scars on the wall’s surface can easily be hidden by a wall covering. On the other hand, if one uses paint to conceal them, it might take multiple coats of paint, which will lead to heavy increments in the investment. Sometimes paint may even fail in concealing the flaws.

The Compromise

  • Water-sensitive: It was once a common occurrence for the wood to rot due to contact with excessive amount of water. This is not much of a problem today, thanks to the advanced technical achievements that have led to water-sensitive wall coverings.
  • Vulnerable: The installation of your wood wall covering must be done very carefully. Any mistakes that cause the covering to bulge or deform may damage the covering permanently.

Practically speaking, though, the benefits quite easily outweigh the minor disadvantages.

Eco-friendly Option

It may come as a surprise to many, but most modern companies use “reclaimed” wood from sources as old ships any other structures. This ensures that the wood use is of utmost quality and tough. It also helps avoid the slaughter of new trees to build wall coverings.

Easy to Customize

There are many manufacturers who can help you customize a wood wall covering as per your taste. Using certain technologies, it is also possible to create veneers that reflect the characteristics of expensive and rare species. Several other customization options are also available, which will help you make the best choice possible.

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