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Critical issues in legal claims after injuries and accidents are what happened to give rise to the claim and what type of harm resulted? These issues arise at multiple stages in personal injury cases, and some claims can last more than a year-;making it important to have a record to refer back to. Below, clients will learn how to preserve evidence that can help an Attorney At Law in Greenfield MA.

Ways to Preserve Evidence in Personal Injury Cases

A simple way to preserve important details in personal injury cases is to take notes after the incident, including a description of what happened and how the injury has affected the client’s daily life. Although most people aren’t thinking of taking notes right after a traumatic incident, they should consider that such evidence can bolster a legal claim.

What Should be Written Down

As soon as a victim can do so, they should write down anything they can think of that relates to the incident, such as:

     *     What happened before and after the incident, such as when it happened, who was there, how the accident occurred, and anything else that may be important.

     *     The extent of the injuries, and whether they’re emotional or physical. Medical treatment, both past and future, should be noted as well as the injury’s effects on the client’s social, work, and personal life.

Taking Notes During the Claims Process

As the personal injury claim moves forward, the client should continue to take notes after conversations with insurers, physicians, incident witnesses and anyone else who knows the facts of the case. The client should write down each person’s name and identifying information, the time and place the conversation occurred, and as much as can be remembered about the conversation.

The client should continue to note the details of the injury and keep track of progress toward recovery. By making and keeping these notes, clients and personal injury attorneys can expedite the claims process and victims can get fair compensation.

Get Legal Help

Taking injury notes is an important step in preserving evidence, but it is only part of a complex process. Daniel and Fontaine LLC can analyze the information the client provides and advise the client as to whether or not the claim is viable. To learn about a case, an injury victim should seek a free evaluation from an Attorney At Law in Greenfield MA. You can also visit them on Twitter for more information.