Air Conditioning Contractors Help Owners of Old Houses Achieve Climate Control

Installation of central air conditioner in older homes can be difficult if the houses have never included a forced-air furnace. When heat is provided by radiant hot water systems, floor furnaces or a centrally located oil stove, there is no ductwork or series of registers to bring cool air throughout the building. Nevertheless, air conditioning contractors near St Louis MO often can add central air anyway, although the project will cost significantly more than usual because of the extra equipment to be installed.

Exterior Appearance

Aside from function, the appearance of the exterior unit also may be a consideration for owners of older houses. The owners worry that this modern appliance will conflict with the character of an elegant house built long ago. Air conditioning contractors near St Louis MO generally prefer to install the compressor as close to the furnace as possible, but that is obviously not a concern in a house without a forced-air central furnace.

If they do need to place the unit where it’s visible from the street or public sidewalks, the contractors can provide advice on how to shield the device from view. A fence or some shrubbery are suitable options, but the air flow must not be blocked. That means these features must be installed a certain amount of distance from the compressor.

Interior Aesthetics

The interior of the home also will be affected because of the need for registers. These can be placed so they are not very noticeable, and the color can match or be similar to that of the walls or flooring material. Duct pipes can be hidden in closets and behind walls. If the home has a basement, pipes can go through that area too.

A central air unit actually can be a better choice aesthetically than a window air conditioner. The window unit will be very obvious in the room, and may contrast remarkably with any vintage or antique decorating that has been accomplished. To get started with an evaluation of the house for central air installation and to obtain an estimate, homeowners may contact a company like Classic Aire Care. Visit Sitename for more information!