Advantages of Using Terra Cotta Clay Pots for Your Houseplants

Traditional unglazed terra cotta clay pots are visually attractive since they’re so minimalistic. By being devoid of any unnecessary ornamentation, these pots can certainly make a unique fashion statement you couldn’t get with something that looks more modern. That being said, there are far more technical advantages to using so-called baked earth pots that may appeal to the serious indoor gardener.

Improving Soil Quality with Planters

In many cases, unglazed terra cotta pots can improve soil aeration and protect plants from staying too wet. This, in turn, cuts down on the amount of mold that’s allowed to grow on your plants.

These pots are able to do this by remaining porous regardless of their contents. That permits water and oxygen to flow freely into the soil. As a result, you can provide a more natural environment for your plants by using these kinds of pots.

Since terra cotta clay pots tend to be sturdier than plastic ones, they’re ideal for top-heavy plants that grow a fairly complex structure out of their crown. They’re much less likely to tip over. Some indoor gardeners have even found that they don’t break anywhere near as easily as some types of flimsy pots. Since the clay will absorb minerals from harder water, they could even help fertilize certain types of plants that need quite a few nutrients in the form of salts.

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