Advantages of Epoxy Garage Flooring in NY Compared With Painted or Plain Concrete

People who want impressive Garage Flooring in NY with extra protection against vehicle fluids and scratching may choose to have the floor painted or covered with an epoxy coating. Epoxy is a plastic resin that can be applied in different kinds of finishes, such as shiny and matte. It’s especially suitable when somebody wants to use the garage as a hobby room, workshop, or as a showroom for a vintage sports car.

Aesthetic Appearance

There are distinct advantages of epoxy Garage Flooring in NY compared with plain or even painted concrete. Many property owners like the aesthetic quality of a glossy floor that is not possible with paint. Even with a high-shine version, the application can still include designs like speckles or decorative chips in specific shapes. This can allow the floor to have two, three, or even several colors. Metallic glitter is another option for a remarkable appearance.

Extra Light

If the door is open or there are windows, the room will be brighter than usual because of light reflecting off the epoxy surface. It’s a bit like sunshine beaming onto glossy wood floors in a living room and has a warm, pleasant visual effect. However, an important consideration is that epoxy will gradually take on a yellowish cast after years of exposure to ultraviolet light. This can be significantly delayed by adding polyurethane over the top of the final epoxy coating.

Beginning the Project

A representative of a contractor such as Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation can come to the property and evaluate the condition of the existing material, which is especially important if the flooring has been in place for a long time. If concrete has been poured recently or building construction has not been completed, this step can be skipped.

The floor must be absolutely clean and dry before the work begins as moisture can cause flaws in the application. Because multiple coats are necessary and the most recent coating must have time to cure, the floor cannot be used for up to five days. Anyone interested in epoxy garage flooring may visit the website to schedule an estimate. You can also visit on Facebook for more information.