Advances in Dental Restoration to Save Time

The importance of proper Dental Restoration cannot be overstated. Leaving the space blank when a tooth falls out, ignoring a broken tooth, or even neglecting to get cavities filled may have painful, expensive, and permanent consequences. Teeth can shift which effects the bite and the clarity of speech. Infections can rot the gum line, and more teeth will fall out.

Why Delay Treatment?

Most people want strong and healthy teeth to ensure a bright smile. Delays and neglect are often more about time and money than ignorance. Life is hectic these days and no one looks forward to making three separate dentist appointments that can last an hour or more. Restoration is perceived as expensive, although it is much more cost-effective than the cost of hesitation.

Those who are uninsured may not see any other option than masking the pain with ibuprofen. With the number of uninsured rising in this country, that will become a bigger and bigger problem. Discuss the situation with the dentist and explore options. Some offices arrange payment plans with patients and there are low-interest medical financing companies available.

Addressing the Issue

Manufacturers of dental equipment have been working at addressing the issue of the time and money it takes for some Dental Restoration procedures. Recent advances in technology have created results. A broken tooth, for example, can be fixed with a ceramic crown in one sixty-minute appointment.

A CEREC machine, which has been described as a miniature dental laboratory, utilizes the information obtained with a digital hand tool to make the crown right in the office. The procedure used to require messy molds, two separate appointments, a temporary crown, and a wait of ten to fourteen days. It now takes less time and money.

An MDI stabilization system can be used to secure dentures in place in a matter of two hours. Mini Dental Implants (MDI) are placed in the mouth for comfortable dentures that will not slip and slide. There are no messy adhesives to purchase, and wearers have more confidence when speaking and eating.

These advances require dentists to invest in the equipment and the time to be certified in procedures. Hose dedicated to the oral health and convenience of their patients, such as Lewis Family Dentistry, continue to introduce advances into their practices. You can also connect them on Facebook.