Accused of Shoplifting? You Need a Theft Defense Attorney in South Bay, CA

Shoplifting is a serious issue for many businesses. Today, they might have security cameras throughout the store or personnel dedicated to preventing and stopping shoplifting. This increases the chances a person will be caught and charged with theft if they do try to shoplift something from the store, yet many people still try to see if they can get away with it. Anyone who is arrested and charged with shoplifting should contact a theft defense attorney in South Bay, CA right away.

Discuss What Happened with the Attorney

The arrested person will want to have a consultation with an attorney as soon as possible so they can discuss what happened. Attorney-client privilege means the person doesn’t have to worry about what they tell their attorney. It’s actually far better to be completely honest so the attorney has a clear picture of what happened. The more the attorney knows, the more they can do to help their client.

Review Possible Defenses to the Charge

Once the attorney knows what happened, they’ll look into possible defenses to the charge. This is highly fact-specific and will be determined based on what the charges are, what the person is accused of, and what evidence of the crime exists. A charge where there is little to no evidence is much different from one where there is a security video showing the person concealing an item and leaving the store.

Work Closely with the Attorney

The arrested person will want to work closely with their attorney on their defense. The attorney can provide legal advice to help them minimize the impact this might have on their future and to help them avoid further issues before the trial is completed or the charges are dismissed.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with theft because you are suspected of shoplifting, make sure you contact a theft defense attorney in South Bay, CA right away so you can get the help you need. Browse the website for Shook & Associates Inc today to learn more about how an attorney can help you.