A Pavement Contractor in Andover MA Accomplishes a Wide Variety of Projects

A pavement Contractor in Andover MA does a variety of projects for customers, ranging from filling cracks and potholes to placing new asphalt over a graded surface. The tasks can be as small as repairing a residential driveway and as large as building roads. They are often kept busy fixing problems that naturally develop due to weather and to wear and tear.

Sealcoating is essential for providing protection against ultraviolet light and weather elements, and against the normal aging process of asphalt. Eventually deterioration will occur, but sealcoating significantly delays and reduces that damage. A pavement contractor in Andover MA adds the protective coating after placing new asphalt, as otherwise the material will start to crack and break down relatively early.

When cracks do occur, they should be filled by a contractor such as TCS Paving if they are wider than hairline flaws. Otherwise, rain and melting snow get into the asphalt and cause deterioration. Cracks tend to become wider as time goes on, creating an annoyance for drivers. If they are not fixed, the edges can crumble and lead to a very uneven surface. To prevent a hairline crack from widening, sealcoating can be applied.

If an area of a private road or parking lot becomes damaged in this manner, a paving contractor can resolve the problem with a method known as patching. This requires using a special saw to cut away a section of asphalt, after which the entire portion is removed. The workers then compact and grade the underlying dirt or gravel, and fill this area with new material.

People are accustomed to seeing pavement workers in parking lots laying an inch or two of new asphalt on top of old material. This is a common summer project, since the older asphalt has faded and the painted stripes have worn away. The additional new material substantially increases the longevity of the parking lot and makes it look new. That’s more attractive for the exterior of the building and makes a better impression on customers, clients and employees. Contact us about any projects that need the attention of a paving contractor.