A Guide to Sizing Your Heating and Cooling System

Determining the size and model of a heating system needed for a particular application is important in many ways. Improper sizing (buying a unit that’s too large or too small) can have a negative effect on installation and system cost, as well as the comfort level in the home. A local dealer or installer can help customers through the heat pump selection process, and they can help in Sizing Your Heating and Cooling System.

Steps in Determining the Correct Heater Size
During the heating system selection process, there are three initial steps:
1. Calculating the heat loss rate for the area to be heated
2. Determining the off-peak availability (based on rates from local utilities)
3. Selecting the unit that can satisfy both of the above requirements

Heat Loss Rates
Several factors affect heat loss rates, including the size of the area, the type of construction, fresh air needs, desired indoor temperature and local weather conditions. There are various programs dealers use to determine heat loss rate, and a formal calculation should be done for the most accurate figure and the easiest heat pump selection.

Determining Off-Peak Availability
The user should call their local utility to determine the amount of off-peak time available each day, and which hours are available. For commercial applications, the facilities manager will look at the building’s electricity load profile to determine availability.

Using Off-Peak Availability to Help Select the Right Size of Heater
Once the building’s heat requirements have been assessed, and the owner knows how much off-peak time is available for use, Burgesons.com can determine the unit size that will satisfy the building’s heating needs.

In harsh winter climates, having a good heating system can be the difference between life and death. Buying the right size unit is important; buy a unit that’s too large, and the building will get too hot too quickly-,and the monthly bill will be high. Buy a unit that’s too small, and it will always be overworked. By Sizing Your Heating and Cooling System, the home owner or business owner can heat their building without spending too much on an installation or on utility bills.

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