A Guide to Hiring a Home Air Conditioning Contractor

If a Home Air Conditioning unit is more than ten years old, the clock is definitely ticking. It’s best to replace an old clunker before summer, and customers should consider the five tips below when hiring an HVAC contractor.

Evaluate the Entire System

When considering replacement of a Home Air Conditioning system, the homeowner should evaluate the efficiency of the entire setup rather than focus on the unit itself. To avoid future issues, the air handler and furnace may need to be replaced at the same time as the outside unit.

Increase Efficiency

Customers can increase their system’s efficiency by resealing, reworking and repairing air ducts. Before choosing a new unit, the contractor should assess the efficiency of the ductwork as well as the shape, orientation and size of the home. Insulation, household size and number of windows also play a role in HVAC efficiency.

Right-Size the Unit

A bigger AC unit isn’t always better, and recent technological advances mean that customers can buy smaller units that cool just as well as the larger ones. Steer clear of contractors who want to install a larger (and more expensive) unit because there are warm spots in the home, as more tons won’t cool the home any faster.

Don’t Base Decisions Solely on Price

Though it’s important to get competing bids from multiple contractors, price shouldn’t be the customer’s only consideration. A low bid may come from a contractor who hasn’t analyzed the home’s ductwork, and they may not include a parts/labor guarantee. Complete bids based on a thorough analysis are the best bet. Click here to know more.

Ask the Contractor About SEER Ratings

An Energy Star approved AC unit has a SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) of 13-21; the higher the number, the more efficiently the unit will operate. Typically, an AC with a mid-range SEER rating will work well and pay for itself in terms of utility bill savings.

As with any contractor invited into the home, customers should take the time to ensure that the AC company they choose is trained, experienced, registered, bonded and insured. At visit us website, customers will get all that and much more.