A Fresh Perspective from an Alexandria, VA Residential Interior Designer

One of the many challenges of a home remodeling or renovation project is the ability to look at the space without being influenced by past design and décor choices. For homeowners in the Alexandria, VA area, working with an experienced residential interior designer eliminates this obstacle and opens up the possibilities for the home.

Innovative Use of Space

One of the many skills and talents a residential interior designer brings to a home renovation or remodeling project is the ability to see the potential for a room, floor, or the entire home. Interior designers often work closely with architects and general contractors on home upgrade projects. They use professional insight to make design suggestions that increase functionality as well as area beauty.

Finding ways to add storage space, to incorporate design elements into the room to enhance room function, and to give the room great sense of space, line and style are all part of the residential interior designer’s job.

Beyond Design

While the interior designer is a crucial part of the planning of a home renovation project, they are also an invaluable component of the entire remodeling. Interior designers can work with subcontractors and assist in the choice of materials, fixtures and details to add to the look and style of the room or home.

The interior designer can also provide interior decorating services, or work with an interior decorator for the ideal finishing touches on your redesigned Alexandria, VA home.

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