A Defective Automobile Lawyer Can Help People Injured By Defective Vehicles

by | Aug 14, 2015 | Lawyers and Law Firms

When a person suffers an injury due to a defective car, a Defective Automobile Lawyer has to be hired to help with the case. Under no circumstances should the person accept any compensation without seeking the guidance of a lawyer. For one, how could any inexperienced person know if the compensation being offered if fair? Even though an individual could look at similar cases, there could be details in the current case that warrant a higher payment. Also, understanding the documents that must be signed during a settlement may be a problem. A lawyer can help translate complicated legal terms.

So what are some examples of when a Defective Automobile Lawyer could help? In the past, lawyers have helped people get compensation when vehicles are put on the market with tires that are highly susceptible to blowouts. Cases with SUVs that tend to roll over have also been handled. There have also been cases in the past where cars were prone to catching fire. In some cases, there is a defect in the manufacturing process. In other cases, the design of the vehicle itself is determined to be unreasonably dangerous. A lawyer at Thomas E. Crenney & Associates LLC or another firm familiar with handling these types of cases can tell which type of liability claim to file.

Another thing that lawyers can help with is identifying all the defendants in a lawsuit about a defective vehicle. The manufacturer of the car is usually included in the lawsuit. This is the case even if there is another party that made the defective part. So if a defective tire causes an injury, the lawsuit can target both the car’s original manufacturer and the manufacturer of the tires. Car dealers can also be defendants in some cases. This goes for both new and used car dealers. In some lawsuits, a party that was part of the chain of distribution may also be targeted. It’s up to the lawyer to find out who should be sought out for compensation.

It’s important to understand that people who sue don’t have to own the defective cars that injured them, so passengers and pedestrians can also get help if they were injured by a defective automobile.

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