A Closer Look At Vibration Damping Sandwich Mounts

One of the most important aspects of any type of part or component is that is cost effective to use. This means that it does the job intended, it has a low price per unit, and it also has a long-life cycle.

For any type of system, equipment or machinery where there is a concern about vibration or shock, different options and designs in vibration damping sandwich mounts are often the best options. These small, compact and lightweight protective components will reduce the transfer of shock and vibration throughout any type of system.

As these mounts come in a variety of sizes and configurations, they can be used across a range of industries. You will find vibration damping sandwich mounts of some form in most types of engines, relays, computers, and electronics, air condition, and HVAC systems as well as fans, blowers, pumps and virtually all types of production and manufacturing equipment.

The Design

Named after their design, the vibration damping sandwich mounts consist of a rubber, elastomeric element or neoprene disk or thicker cylindrical shape that is bonded to two thin metal disks. This forms the “sandwich” that will effectively limit vibration.

There are different design options that are based on the specific needs of the equipment or system. Options include threaded studs on both exterior sides of the mount for attachment, one threaded stud, and one flat side or a threaded stud and the option to thread into the other side. There are also options to allow for a flat side and one female threaded end or with both ends fitted to allow the insertion of studs.

Most of the top manufacturers offer a wide range of thread sizes as well with the thread size corresponding to the size and type of sandwich mounts as well as the specific application.