A Car Accident Lawyer in Orange County CA Explains the Statute of Limitations in This Type of Case

A person injured in a car accident in California has a specific time period in which they must file a lawsuit for compensation for their injuries and hire a car accident lawyer. This is known as the statute of limitations and is two years for a personal injury of this type. This time limit applies to a case that is filed in a court of law, and the time period begins the day the accident occurs. This is different from the claim that is filed with an insurance carrier, as the policy dictates this time frame. Many people don’t understand the distinction between the two.

Why Is This of Importance?

A car accident lawyer in Orange County CA will explain the insurance claim needs to be filed promptly. Not only does this allow for the claim to be thoroughly investigated, but a settlement offer may also be presented. The parties then enter negotiations to find an amount they both think is fair. In the event the negotiations break down, and the injured party decides to go to court, the two-year deadline becomes of great importance. The sooner the claim is filed with the insurance carrier, the sooner the process can begin. In addition, this allows the threat of a lawsuit to be part of the negotiations.

Exceptions to This Rule

There are exceptions to the two-year deadline. One example of this is an accident that involves either property that belongs to the government or one that involves a government employee. For example, when a person is injured by a city vehicle, this deadline won’t apply. The government reserves the right to set its own time limits for an administrative claim that may be filed against them. The injured party must be aware of this time limit also.

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