A Brief Overview Of The Subaru Foresterd

One of the many reasons the Subaru Forester is so popular is the versatility of this compact SUV. Owners of this vehicle in Livingston, NJ, have a stylish, sophisticated, and upscale vehicle for driving around the city, while also a vehicle that is ready to head off-road to get off the beaten track.

The Forester is considered in the compact SUV class, but this is a vehicle with a very roomy and open cabin and room for five adults with comfort. The rear bench seat can fold down, adding significantly to the cargo space. There is a large center console and spacious glove box, as well as various storage cubbies throughout the cabin. The new 2021 model offers a rear console and center storage area with charging USB ports in the Premium trim level and up.

Trim Level Options

The Subaru Forester Livingston NJ offers five different trim levels and a range of different additional features available at each level. The trim levels include different options such as a panoramic sunroof, WiFi hotspot, leather seats, and a good range of different driver-assist and safety features.

All trim levels come with the EyeSight suite of driver-assist options. These are standard and include lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control, automated emergency braking, and lane-keeping assist. This is very different from other manufacturers who add these as additional features.

Another difference between the different trim levels of the Subaru Forester is the infotainment system. The lower level trim levels have a standard 6.5-inch touchscreen, with the option to upgrade to an 8.0-inch touchscreen on the upper level trims. The upper trim levels also offer navigation as part of the package, which is something Livingston, NJ, car buyers should consider.