A Brain Injury Attorney in Angola Indiana can Help Head Injury Victims

by | May 16, 2016 | Injury Attorney

A brain injury is any sustained to the cranial region. These injuries can be especially serious if they involve severe damage, or if the harm affects other functions. Brain injury cases typically involve other personal injury types, such as neck, back and shoulder injuries. A brain injury can come from a variety of causes, and claims involve a variety of conditions such as concussion, pain, memory loss and cognitive impairment.

The Symptoms of a Head Injury

Some victims may not realize that they’ve suffered a head injury because the symptoms can be hard to determine. Some of the most common brain injury symptoms include:

     *     Confusion, difficulty remembering current events

     *     Unusual laziness and tiredness

     *     Headaches

     *     Numbness and weakness in certain areas of the body

     *     Nausea

     *     Fever

Legal Theories Associated With Brain Injury Cases

A brain injury lawsuit can be based on multiple legal theories, depending on the nature of the case. Some of the theories used by brain injury attorney in Angola Indiana include those listed here.

     *     Negligence: If a party fails to exercise care when dealing with another person, they can be liable for brain injuries arising from the breach.

     *     Auto accidents: Car crashes are a common reason for brain injuries. Motorcycle accidents can bring particularly severe head trauma.

     *     Slip-and-fall: These accidents may cause neck and head injuries. A business owner can be held liable if they fail to maintain premises in a safe manner.

     *     Premises liability: Dangers such as protruding, sharp or falling objects can cause brain injuries.

     *     Assault: An intentional act can lead to liability. If the act was done maliciously, the victim may receive punitive damages.

Causation is one of the most significant difficulties in documenting a brain injury claim. To prevail, the plaintiff and their Brain Injury Attorney Angola Indiana is required to prove that the defendant’s behavior was the cause of the injury. Causation can be proven by Thomas Law Firm PC in Angola Indiana through the use of photos, medical documents and witness testimony.

Hiring an Attorney

If a person sustains a head injury, they may be able to recover for economic losses. The victim should hire a Brain Injury Attorney Angola Indiana for help organizing documents and filing the claim. Brain injury laws are complex, but they can be explained clearly by a local attorney.

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