A Bondsman in Midwest City, Oklahoma Assists People Who Cannot Afford to Pay Bail

When someone is charged with a crime, arrested, and brought to jail, there typically is an option to leave jail by paying a specified amount of money. That money is known as bail. The more common crimes tend to have a standard bail amount set, so a judge does not need to be involved. In other cases, a judge must make a decision on a reasonable amount. The bail is returned to the individual as long as he or she appears for all court dates. This system is important because it allows people to retain their freedom while awaiting trial. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford bail, even if it is set as low as $1,000. Many of them turn to a bail bondsman in Midwest City, Oklahoma for assistance.

A bonds service such as Ken Boyer Bail Bonds is a professional organization. It provides a surety bond for part of the bail amount or pledges to pay the full amount if the individual flees. The bonds service customer pays a fee to the bondsman in Midwest City, Oklahoma in return for this assistance. That fee usually is a specific percentage of the bail that was set, such as 10 percent. This is nonrefundable, but the distinct advantage is not having to wait in jail for weeks, or even months, depending on how busy the court system is.

If the person who was arrested cannot come up with that 10 percent fee, perhaps a family member or close friend would be willing to pay it. When that individual contacts the bonds service, it’s important to realize that the service requires a contract. If this relative or friend signs the contract, there is now a legal responsibility to ensure that the person released from jail appears in court. If the person does not show up for the court date, the bondsman immediately owes the entire bail amount, which can be substantial. The compassionate individual who arranged for the bond technically owes the bonds service this money, but may not be able to pay it. That’s why bonds services use bounty hunters to track down people who run away.