A Bicycle Accident Attorney in Fort Collins Helps Clients Receive the Compensation They Deserve

In some cases, all cyclists really need after a vehicle hits the bicycle is to get the bike replaced, and perhaps receive some cash to replace ruined clothing and any belongings being carried at the time of the incident. The at-fault driver’s insurance company is likely to do this without a peep of protest. The situation becomes more complex with the cyclist has been injured in the accident, especially if the injury is serious. Now the insurer may be facing thousands of dollars worth of compensation to be paid. Insurance companies often make a relatively quick settlement offer that is rather low, knowing that the injured person probably needs money. It’s important for this person to consult with a Bicycle accident attorney if the settlement doesn’t seem reasonable.

A person injured in a cycling accident by the driver of a vehicle should have all the medical expenses paid for. That includes any ongoing therapy needed, such as physical or occupational therapy. Sometimes physical therapy is essential for helping someone regain strength, flexibility and full functioning. Occupational therapy can be important for someone who needs to regain basic living skills that can be compromised due to a brain injury or amputation of a limb. Amputation should be compensated for the permanent loss of use and for any prosthetic device the patient receives. If significant scarring has occurred, plastic surgery also should be covered.

Lost wages during the recovery time should be fully compensated. If the individual needs a long recovery time, a Bicycle accident attorney may demand further funds from the insurer, such as money to compensate for reduced quality of life. Being unable to do activities that the person used to regularly participate in, such as biking, should not be ignored. Serious accidents also commonly have negative effects on personal relationships. A serious brain injury can lead to permanent personality changes that lead to divorce and an inability to parent children effectively.

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