6 Reasons to Choose Custom Aluminum Extrusion

by | Oct 12, 2016 | Aluminum

Many products today are made from an extruded process. In fact, extrusion can create all kinds of shapes, sizes and designs. However, instead of depending on what is in stock, you may want to check out a company offering custom aluminum extrusion products and here are 6 important reasons why.

1. Made to Order

You might have specific requirements for your metal products. If so, you cannot find what you need on a shelf or in stock anywhere. This is where a company offering made to order services can be one of your best business partners. You can receive exactly what you need each and every time and this helps to keep your unique products and services intact.

2. Punching and Countersinking

Why go through all the trouble of countersinking and punching your materials when you do not have to? A trusted company offering custom aluminum extrusion is more than happy to add these features to your products. In addition, with high tech equipment, you can depend on a high degree of accuracy.

The fewer fabricating services you have to utilize, the more efficient your operation becomes. You won’t need people on the payroll to perform these services when they are already taken care of and this can drastically lower your operating expenses and increase profit margins.

3. Cutting

Do you need sections in non standard lengths? It is not hard for your provider to give you the exact lengths you need. This is one less thing to be concerned with.

4. T Slot Systems

Many companies today are taking advantage of t slot applications. They can serve a number of needs for business. Maybe you have special needs for specific applications. This is not a problem for your custom aluminum extrusion provider. You can enjoy perfect t slot systems for your business.

5. Retro Applications

Are you a business or contractor with nostalgia needs? Perhaps you are looking for the perfect retro aluminum trim for a diner or a customer’s kitchen with a 50s flair. You can receive exactly what you need to literally take your business back in time, when things were easier and simpler.

6. Fabrication Services

Would you like to receive additional services like drilling, bending or assembly? Your extruded aluminum provider offers these services to make your life a little easier. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of metal finishes to give your materials a custom look.

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