5 Tips on How to Find Trusted Window Installers

You’re renovating your home. Part of your plan includes putting up new windows. You’re excited—up until you realize just hard the installation can be. If you want to make your life easier, hire window installers in Andersen instead. Here’s how.

Start with recommendations

Get referrals from people you know and trust. Check in with neighbors as well. Their advice and tips should help you get plenty of leads, so you’ll know where to start your search.

Build a list

Put together a list of local window installers in Andersen that fit the bill. What kind of jobs do they accept? What services do they offer? What’s their installation experience like? Have they worked with the same window systems or designs? Will they take on projects the same size as yours? Ask and find out.

Check credentials

Be sure to check for the basics. Does the firm have insured contractors? They should. If that isn’t the case, look elsewhere. P.S. Just a tip: make sure you request for a copy of the contractor’s liability coverage. That way, you know you won’t have to foot the bill in case there’s an accident onsite.

Resist the pressure

If you feel any trouble coming from the installation firm to hire them straight away, then that’s a bad sign, The Money Pit says. A reputable company of contractors won’t force you. They will only show you facts and wait for you to decide.

Look out for red flags

Does the firm have a physical address? You’ll want to check that with Google maps. What about the history of the firm? How long has it been in the business? Does the company insist that you only pay in cash? Is it asking for a huge deposit? All these signs tell you that you may be dealing with a rogue contractor. Walk away and move on to better options.