5 Things to Look Out for in Kiosk Marketing

Mistakes can either make or break your kiosk marketing. So know what you’re getting into, what you should look out for. This way, you’ll have a better idea of what revisions and adjustments you need to make or if your kiosk is already good to go:

Too many choices
You’d think that choices would mean deeper consumer happiness and engagement. But people like simplicity. Too many choices can confuse and frustrate your customers, to the point that they’ll simply avoid using the kiosk altogether. But you want user adoption. Given the capital you’ve spent on your kiosks, it would be a shame if nobody ends up using them. So make sure you trim those choices down. Review the steps. Make the process as seamless, fast and easy as possible.

Need IT support
Your kiosks might operate on self-service technology, but that doesn’t mean it can repair itself. If the machine goes wonky or breaks down, you need someone to fix it and get it back up and running in no time. The longer it stays broken, the less chances you have of leaving the kind of impression you want for your product or brand. So don’t forget to assign an IT support staff who’ll regularly check the machine, manage them and know how to pull off speedy repairs, especially if your kiosk is in popular demand.

Useful for different applications
Kiosks are available in different types. That makes it easy for businesses to pick kiosks that provide the core functions they need. Want something to entertain clients while they wait for their orders? Putting a photo kiosk in your restaurant to make waiting times fun is a smart move. Others use a kiosk to advertise their new shoe wear, fragrance or credit card type.

Put useful instructions nearby
Self-service doesn’t have to mean zero helpful guidelines as well. People perform better when you give them clear steps. Provide a handy instruction guide near the kiosk to help encourage your target audience to give the kiosk a try.

Not suited for everything
Kiosks though aren’t suited for everything. They work well for processes that put a premium on speed and efficiency. But for processes that emphasize social interaction with audiences, not so much. So make sure you balance it out.

So understand how your kiosks work. This is the first step to making the most out of this technology.

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