5 Reasons to Hire an Attorney for Workers Compensation in Lockport

When one is injured at work, there are many good reasons to hire an attorney when seeking Workers Compensation in Lockport. If one has a work injury claim, keep reading to learn more about why hiring an attorney is beneficial.

Eligibility Determination

Many workers are surprised to learn that they’re not eligible for worker’s compensation benefits, while others didn’t know they met eligibility requirements. Hiring an attorney helps individuals determine their eligibility and plan for the next steps.

Legal Requirements

Individuals who are eligible for worker’s compensation must meet legal requirements. Their injuries must be work-related and evidence must be submitted that backs up this claim within a specific timeframe. These are two of the minimal requirements. There are more requirements that attorneys ensure their clients meet.

Filing for the Right Benefits

Workers who attempt to file a claim themselves without representation often shortchange themselves. They either file for the wrong benefits or they don’t file to receive enough benefits. Hiring a lawyer helps injured workers get the benefits and compensation they deserve.

Insurance Company Negotiations

Worker’s compensation claims are handled by the employer’s insurance company. Negotiating with insurance companies is frustrating and the average person is usually in over their heads during negotiations. Lawyers work on behalf of their clients to negotiate a fair settlement.

Appeal Filings

If worker’s compensation is denied, it’s not the end of the road. Attorneys help their clients file appeals when cases are denied initially. For more information about legal representation regarding workers compensation in Lockport, contact Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell, P.C. today.