5 Female Vocal Artists Whose Voices You’ll Want to Listen to on Slow Sunday Morning

There are days when ear-busting rock and roll just doesn’t feel right. And you need something soft and sultry to get you through the slow Sunday morning. Here are some of the loveliest female voices to wake up to:

With a multitude of hits, there’s no doubt Cher will land on this list. With a decade that’s spanned a lot of years, you’re bound to find the right tune, music and delivery that just reaches out and speaks to your soul, says Spinditty.

Amy Winehouse
Her hits still sound fresh and essential. Back to Black is still on many people’s list of fave tunes. If you want something catchy and sultry, this is the perfect go-to music to start your weekends right.

Who doesn’t love that big, booming voice? With faves like Chasing Pavements, Rolling in the Deep, Hello and more, this is one of the most inspiring female vocal artists around that has cemented her place in the music industry and history. She’s nothing but magic and she makes you feel it. You had us at Hello, Adele.

Sylvia Brooks
Want something heartfelt and romantic? Sylvia Brook’s voice gives you a clear voice that’s easy to listen to and fall in love with. It’s the kind of voice that slays slow tunes and makes you remember how emotionally evocative music—when sung right and given life with just the right cadence, pause and lingering breath—makes hold your own. If you’ve yet to discover one of the loveliest female vocal artists around, time to play catch up.

Beyonce’s many transformations over the years have never failed to give the public a reason to come back wanting for more. From breathy and campy, daring and risque to simple and meaningful, Ms. Bey shows why she owns a lot of our hearts.